Results for Thursday 16th K9 Cages Classics finals

Judge Jo Sermon

Juniors under 12

  1. Morgan Hildersley with Morgan's Red Ted
  2. Katy James with Monelli Mini Me
  3. Lauren Kitson with Breeser Nights

Juniors Over 12

  1. Anthony Clarke with Gemmadean Black Magic
  2. Karl Munnings with Ourway Sam
  3. Chralotte Wolverson with Jazz-er-size

Small Combined Grades 1-2

  1. Hayley Wilson with Blue Eye Sir Spence
  2. Amanda Dyer with Arthur Daly
  3. Sheila Brown with Pelynka Starlight

Small Combined Grades 1-5

  1. Dawn Weaver with Tonring Just a Puzzle
  2. Odette Foster with Mionas Atuit
  3. Agela Sallis with Kanzi The Dark One

Small Combined Grades 6-7

  1. Dawn Weaver with Ag Ch Piquant Painted Sunshine
  2. Nicola Garret with Obay Truly Driven
  3. Lorraine Drew with Trio Of Valgray