Dogs in Need was originally created as a holiday with your dogs. Despite the massive increase in size, we still try to retain the holiday atmosphere, with the added buzz of competition and that ‘feel-good’ feeling that our enjoyment is helping many charities. Every year, many thousands are distributed because of YOUR generosity, so enjoy yourself – you deserve it! To get a really warm glow, read the thanks and testimonials on display in the information centre. With your help and support, Dogs in Need has shown these hard-working people that they ARE noticed and appreciated, and hopefully we’ve helped them to carry on when the going’s got tough.

We extend huge thanks to all our sponsors who help us to raise funds by sponsoring individual classes, doggy businesses, local businesses, clubs and individuals, all help to raise funds for those important smaller charities. Fancy a class named after YOUR club next year? Or to record a special occasion? Have a chat with Rosemary and she’ll be only too happy to help.

We need your help to run this show – 672 people just to keep the rings running smoothly. Camping is limited to 800 units and preference will be given to helpers. Please complete the Helpers Form if you are willing to help. YOU DON'T HAVE TO CAMP, OR EVEN RUN A DOG, TO HELP - THE MORE THE MERRIER (AND EASIER!). It's a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The more helpers, the less for each one to do and the more we can all have a holiday. And please help the helpers - the boot may be on your foot the next day! Don’t worry if you’ve never helped on a ring before – now is the perfect time to have a go. Start gently with putting up poles, and you’ll soon be running pads like a pro.

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